Waterloo Park

MWM DesignGroup was the planner and prime landscape architect, responsible for landscape architectural services for the tunnel inlet, tunnel outlet, PARD Boat Facility and the intermediate inlets located within Waller Creek.

MWM was responsible for providing master planning and design services to transform Waterloo Park into a venue oriented park and integrate the Waller Creek Tunnel inlet facility as a park amenity. Waterloo Park is designed with flexibility so that it may host both large and small events. The design for Waterloo Park includes two acres of venue lawn, 30,000 sf of venue hardscape, creek side trails, tree protection, entry plazas, new mitigation wetland areas and event concession and restroom areas. MWM provided the grading design for the park and was able to integrate the existing large heritage trees into the park design and venue spaces.

MWM DesignGroup provided:

  • Park Master Planning
  • Design coordination of park and landscape improvements including site lighting with inlet infrastructure
  • Coordination of hardscape improvements including sidewalks, entry plazas, maintenance routes, trails, mixed-use paths
  • Integration of existing historic elements (14th Street Bridge) with park design
  • Construction documents for grading, hardscape, landscape and nonpotable irrigation design
  • Design for tree protection/mitigation for existing trees to remain
  • Construction phase services (projects are currently under construction)