President & CEO, Julia M. Harrod, named “Civil Engineer of the Year”

We’re pleased to announce that Julia Harrod, President and CEO of MWM DesignGroup, Inc., has been named “Civil Engineer of the Year” by the Austin Branch of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

This annual award honors a Professional Civil Engineer who has demonstrated significant professional contributions and community service. Ms. Harrod received the award at the Engineer’s Week luncheon in Austin honoring the contributions of engineers to the profession.

“I want to thank ASCE not only for giving me this exceptional honor, but also for giving me and other civil engineers the opportunity to gather together and use our talents to give back to the community.” said Ms. Harrod at the awards ceremony.

Julia Harrod is President of MWM DesignGroup which was founded in 1980 by two civil engineers, good friends that wanted to create a firm where everyone enjoyed working together in service to their community. The firm has grown over its 35-year history, but has maintained its core values. Julia leads the firm with a passion for fostering a work culture of continuous improvement, accountability, fun, and mutual support. Her goal is to continue to grow the firm by bringing together like-minded people with a commitment to improving the community and each other through their work.

Julia Harrod continues to be a role model to others pursuing a career in engineering. She is currently serving her second term as Treasurer of the National Society of Professional Engineers as well as chair of the External Advisory Committee for the UT Austin Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering. She was the second female president of the Texas Society of Professional Engineers, the first female to be awarded the esteemed honor of State Engineer of the Year in 2015 and the second female to be awarded the National Professional Engineers in Private Practice Merit Award in 2012.